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About Us

About ESD Pediatric Group in Norwood/Hyde Park and Milford OH

At ESD Pediatric Group, our experienced pediatricians and their team provide high-quality pediatric services. We have convenient locations to serve you. For more information, call us or request an appointment online.

About ESD Pediatric Group in Norwood/Hyde Park and Milford OH
About ESD Pediatric Group in Norwood/Hyde Park and Milford OH


The ESD Pediatric Group was started in 1942 by Dr. Gail Englender MD. Dr. Englender was one of the early female pioneers in Cincinnati Pediatrics. She finished her residency during World War II and immediately began practicing general pediatrics in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Avondale. She was joined in 1963 by Dr. John Sper and Dr. Ronald Drasnin, thus creating the Englender, Sper & Drasnin Group Practice. We honor our founders by continuing with the ESD Pediatric Group name. The group has grown to become one of the larger pediatric practices in the Tri-State area, with two busy locations in Milford and Norwood/Hyde Park.

Our original location was located in Avondale on Reading Road. That location then moved closer to the hospitals on Vernon Place in Mt. Auburn, where it remained until 1999. As healthcare, demographics and population trends changed, it became clear that it was time to leave “pill hill” in 1999. In September 1999, the Vernon Place Office became “the Hyde Park Office” when it moved to its first Hyde Park location on the corner of Madison and Edwards Roads in Central Cincinnati. The Hyde Park office experienced tremendous growth, leading to a move in 2012 to the Cornerstone at Norwood/Hyde Park

Complex. This expansion has allowed the office to grow and meet the needs of its families.

The Milford Office started off as a small office in downtown olde Milford, and rapidly grew to be the larger of the two offices. Currently located at 905 Main Street in Milford, this office continues to thrive as the premier private pediatric practice in the area. This location also serves as the administrative and corporate headquarters for the ESD Pediatric Group.

Group Practice Philosophy

For over 70 years, group practice has been the standard at ESD Pediatric Group. With this approach, patients are not scheduled into a time slot for a certain provider. Patients are scheduled into the general schedule template that all of the providers of the day work through. Parents and patients are always able to request a particular provider when scheduling an appointment. This approach provides multiple benefits as listed below:

  • Ease of scheduling: With group scheduling, it is much easier to get the date and time that is most convenient for you.
  • Timely appointments: It is much easier to stay “on schedule” as a group than as an individual. We try to avoid extended wait times that happen when a provider starts “running behind” as in other patient scheduling strategies.
  • Exposure to multiple providers: In a group practice, “on-call” duties are shared. The more providers that you know, the more likely you will have comfort in talking to the provider on call after hours should you have an emergency.  You will also be more comfortable with a different provider if your “favorite provider” happens to be off the day that your child is ill.
  • Extra set of eyes: It is human nature to “practice medicine” somewhat differently. All providers “look” at patients differently. While all of our providers are well trained, seeing different providers can help us not to “miss” something.
  • Different perspectives and strategies: By seeing different providers, you are able to get different ideas and strategies that allow you to choose what suits your family and parenting style best.
  • Never rushed: Because our providers don’t have a jam-packed individual schedule, they can spend the time needed in each visit. Have a lot of questions? Your child has a more complicated problem? No problem. We’ll take the time necessary.
  • Scheduling flexibility: As long as your preferred provider is in the office, you likely can get in to see them.  Since each provider doesn’t have an individual schedule, it can’t be “full”.

Use our system to your advantage. The system allows you increased continuity if you so choose.  We feel continuity and variety can coexist in a quality primary care environment.


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