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Potential Opportunity - Certified Medical Assistant (see job descriptions below):

JOB TITLE:  Medical Assistant (effective: 01/2015; reviewed and revised 01/2020)


GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES:  Responsible for assisting physicians with patient care, clerical, environmental and organizational tasks.  Also, provides information to patients so they may fully utilize and benefit from the clinic services.  Conveys a positive image of clinic.  May assist with Phone Triage. See Phone Triage job description.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED:  Reports to Clinical Manager.






  1. Fulfills patient care responsibilities as assigned which may include: checking schedules and organizing patient flow; accompanying patients to exam/procedure room; assisting patients as needed with walking, transfers, dressing, collecting specimens, preparing for exam, etc.; collecting patient history; performing screenings per provider guidelines; assisting physicians/nurses with various procedures, including but not limited to vaccine administration; charting; performing various in office labs testing and specimen collections; relaying instructions to patients/families; answering calls and providing pertinent information; maintaining sufficient inventory of supplies and vaccines.


  1. Fulfills clerical responsibilities as assigned which may include: sending/receiving patient medical records; obtaining lab/x-ray reports, hospital notes, referral information, etc.; completing forms/requisitions as needed; managing charts to ensure patient information is complete and documented appropriately.


  1. Fulfills environmental responsibilities as assigned, which may include: setting up instruments and equipment according to department protocol; cleaning exam/procedure rooms, instruments and equipment between patient visits to maintain infection control; cleaning sterilizer according to scheduled maintenance program and keeping appropriate records; ordering, sorting, storing supplies; restocking exam/procedure rooms; maintaining vaccine storage in accordance with Ohio Department of Health standards.


  1. Fulfills organizational responsibilities as assigned which may include: respecting/promoting patient rights; responding appropriately to emergency codes; sharing problems relating to patients and/or staff with immediate supervisors quickly.


  1. Participates in professional development activities including required ongoing training.


  1. Participates in daily huddles.


  1. Attends meetings as required.


  1. Maintains strictest confidentiality.


The jobholder must demonstrate current competencies applicable to job position.


EDUCATION:  High school diploma, some college preferred.  Course in medical specialty desired; e.g., Pediatric Assisting. Certified medical assistant training, preferred.


JOB TITLE:  Medical Assistant



EXPERIENCE:  Minimum of one year work experience in public contact job, preferably service related.  Experience and/or interest in health care.


REQUIREMENTS:  Maintains CPR certification.




  1. Knowledge of health care field and medical specialty.


  1. Knowledge of specific assisting tasks related to pediatric medicine.


  1. Knowledge of information that must be conveyed to patients and families.


  1. Knowledge of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.




  1. Skill in performing tasks appropriately.


  1. Skill in tact and diplomacy in interpersonal interactions.


  1. Skill in understanding of patient education needs by effectively sharing information with patients and families.


  1. Skill in operating computer and office equipment.




  1. Ability to learn and retain information regarding patient care procedures.


  1. Ability to project a pleasant and professional image.


  1. Ability to plan, prioritize and complete delegated tasks.


  1. Ability to demonstrate compassion and caring in dealing with others.





Combination of medical office and exam/procedure room settings.

Well-lighted, well-ventilated, adequate space.  Exposure to communicable diseases and other conditions common to clinic setting. Hepatitis B vaccination and TB test required.





Must be able to use appropriate body mechanics techniques when making necessary patient transfers and helping patients with walking, dressing, etc.  Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds of supplies.


This description is intended to provide only basic guidelines for meeting job requirements.  Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities and working conditions may change as needs evolve.