ESD COVID-19 Updates

Welcome to the ESD COVID-19 Update Page

We have created this page to keep our patients updated on the most current information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  These updates will be both informational about the condition as well as what we are doing as a practice to support our families during this challenging time.  Office procedures and updates to safety measures being adopted in the office will be posted here.  The most recent updates are at the top.  All updates are archived below.

January 11, 2022 UPDATE

Omicron is here!  The Omicron variant of COVID is very active in the US and specifically Greater Cincinnati.  Many cases for kids are mild, but some are more severe requiring hospitalization.  "Just getting it to be done with it" is strongly discouraged.  Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot breakthrough cases in the vaccinated but their symptoms are much less as is their risk of complications.  Please don't take the breakthrough cases as a reason not to vaccinate your child.  The best way to protect your child, your family and your community from COVID complications is to get them vaccinated and if they are over 12 years old and it has been >5 months since their second vaccine, they should be boosted.  Please call the office to schedule your child's vaccination if you have not done so already and are due.

Masking is strongly recommended for all persons when indoors and in close contact with others.  A surgical, N95, KN95 or KF94 mask is recommended.  Unfortunately, cloth masks and gaiters provide little protection against a virus as easily transmissible as Omicron.

Please contact the office if your child tests positive on a home test or you have questions about your individual situation (symptoms or exposures).  Our RN staff is well versed on current recommendations and can be helpful in guiding you on how to keep your family safe during this current surge.

November 2, 2021 UPDATE

The Pfizer COVID vaccine is now approved for ages 5+.  It is now officially recommended by the CDC.  It is strongly recommended that every parent should consider getting this vaccine for their child who is of age.  The vaccine is safe and effective in preventing severe COVID disease and hospitalization.  When children are vaccinated it improves the safety of their family, friends and community.  The best way to prevent and minimize future surges of COVID variants is to maximize vaccination.

The ESD Pediatric Group strongly recommends this vaccine and is happy to discuss any questions or concerns that our patients and their families may have regarding getting the vaccine for their children.

Appointments for vaccination are now being made at both offices.  First doses to be given November 3, 2021.  Please call to schedule or request an appointment through the ESD Patient Portal.

August 10, 2021 UPDATE

It has been a while since we have updated this page as the summer has been wonderful with COVID numbers risk being low.  Unfortunately, the DELTA VARIANT has arrived with full force and recommendations are rapidly changing.  As the school year approaches, be mindful of this variant.  It is much more easily transmissible and is affecting children much more than the "original COVID" strain.  Children are being hospitalized for severe COVID disease including locally.  Even those who are vaccinated can have breakthrough cases which are fortunately rarely serious.

If your child is 12+ and hasn't received a COVID vaccine, please consider.  This vaccine saves lives.  This vaccine is safe.  We continue to offer them at no charge at both offices.  If you are an adult who has not yet chosen to be vaccinated, it is strongly encouraged that this is considered as well, for your safety and those around you.

If your child has any symptoms of illness, please consider having them evaluated and tested.  We continue to do in office as well as telemedicine visits with drive through testing service for your convenience.  Please reach out via the portal, through our nurse line or in person if you have questions or need additional guidance in this trying time.

Be well, stay safe, take precautions.

May 13, 2021 UPDATE

COVID 19 vaccines (Pfizer) are officially approved and recommended for ages 12 and up.  ESD is offering vaccines at both office locations with a curbside option at the Milford location.  First doses are being scheduled for Thursdays starting today and second doses are given 3 weeks later on Fridays.  It is important to schedule the second dose when the first is scheduled.  There is a no-show fee if a patient does not show up for their scheduled COVID vaccine appointment as this may lead to wasted doses.  Please call >24 hours ahead if you are unable to keep an appointment.

Call today to get your child scheduled to be a part of the pandemic solution.  The ESD Pediatric Group strongly recommends that all eligible patients be vaccinated at their earliest convenience.  This is an extremely safe and effective vaccine.

March 29, 2021 UPDATE

Vaccine UPDATE.  As of this week the state of Ohio has approved all residents age 16+ to receive the COVID vaccine (Pfizer).  We at ESD, are excited to announce that we will be one of the first local practices administering this vaccine to our patients in our office.  We will be giving "first doses" on Thursdays and "second doses" on Fridays starting THIS WEEK!  We have limited supply initially,  but anticipate the ability to scale up as demand supports.  Please give the office a call to schedule.  When scheduling, it is very important to schedule the second dose when the first dose is scheduled.  It is also very important to keep these appointments as if appointments are missed, it is difficult not to "waste doses".  Given limited supply, we want to keep "waste" to a minimum or zero.

Vaccination is the key to ending this pandemic.  We strongly encourage all of our patients to be vaccinated when approved for their age.  We do anticipate approval for ages 12+ at some point this summer.  Younger than 12 will likely be toward the end of the calendar year or early 2022.  Studies on these ages are just beginning now.  If you are interested in having your child participate in these studies, please contact Cincinnati Children's for opportunities.

Feel free to call the office or send any questions through the patient portal.

February 12, 2021 UPDATE

As the pandemic continues, ESD continues to monitor local cases and risks associated with providing medical care safely.  Beginning Monday, February 15, 2021, the ESD Pediatric Group will begin the stepwise process of relaxing our telemedicine program and in-office screening program.  At this time, telemedicine is still the safest option for evaluating children who have acute/urgent issues.  We now have significant experience in performing these visits and making appropriate medical decisions in conjunction with parents.  Sometimes, parents are uncomfortable with the telemedicine platform and would prefer to have their child evaluated in person.  We will begin to do more of these visits at parent's request if the concern meets certain criteria.

Ill patients can be seen at both offices but will be seen in different locations (upstairs at the Milford location and Rooms 13-18 at the Hyde Park location).  These visits are typically secondary to a telemedicine visit but can be done as initial evaluation in limited situations.

To maintain the safety of well checks in both offices, all ill patients will be isolated based on location.  There will continue to be no ill patients in our designated well areas at both office locations.  The waiting rooms will remain closed and the "text from car upon arrival" strategy will continue.

Thank you for working with us in these trying times to allow us to keep providing care in the safest way possible.  As vaccines continue to proliferate, it is expected that conditions will continue to improve.  Continue to follow recommended health measures to keep your family safe.  We anticipate significant improvements in returning to "more normal" as we get closer to summer.

December 9, 2020 UPDATE

Click here for the most recent Cincinnati Children's testing and quarantine guidelines.

December 4, 2020 UPDATE

The predicted winter surge is upon us and likely to get worse before it gets better.  The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Vaccines are on their way and they are the key to ending this pandemic.  When approved and available for children, ESD plans on being able to administer a COVID-19 vaccine and we will communicate to our families when this becomes available.  Since children fall into the lowest risk category, this is likely still many months off.

Cases across the country and in Cincinnati and surrounding areas are rising.  This is not the time to let your guard down.  Be vigilant with your public health mitigation strategies.  Wear masks when not at home.  Minimize non-essential activities.  Do NOT gather socially.  There are a few months that we as a nation and a community need to "get through".  Our actions and choices can save lives.

Locally, there has been an increase in cases in children and we have seen an increase in positives here at ESD from a few cases a week to multiple positive cases a day.  Most of these cases have been acquired innocently from friends and family.  Even small gatherings when social distancing and masking are not practiced are currently high risk.

We are continuing to do telemedicine evaluations of ill patients initially.  We can see ill patients in the office when indicated but we are requesting families to start the evaluation of your ill child through telemedicine at this time.  We are still offering drive-through testing in conjunction with telemedicine visits and now have twice a day pick up from Children's lab allowing most results to come back the next day.

Both offices are maintaining well areas so that well visits can be done safely.  Waiting rooms remain closed for your safety.  Flu vaccines can be done curbside in your car at the Milford location.

Thank you for helping us to keep you, our families, and our staff safe during this pandemic.  Brighter days are ahead.  Continue to make good choices.

November 10, 2020 UPDATE

We have gotten many requests regarding recommendations for the upcoming holidays and what is safe to do with respect to family gatherings.  The following is the current guidance from the CDC:


October 16, 2020 UPDATE

As the pandemic wears on, the ESD Pediatric Group continues to monitor conditions both locally and nationally.  There has been an increase in COVID-19 cases in Ohio and specifically Hamilton and Clermont Counties.  Currently, there are no recent changes in recommendations.  All persons are encouraged to social distance, wear masks when distancing cannot be maintained (>2 years old), practice good hand hygiene and make good choices to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Much of the recent spread has been in smaller social gatherings.  Now that we are into the school year with many students back face to face, we have learned that spread within the schools has not lead to spikes.  This is likely secondary to good policies in place in most schools highlighting the mask-wearing and social distancing, combined with aggressive contact tracing of positive cases with quarantine.  We have a growing body of scientific data that supports these mitigation techniques.  Do not let your guard down.  This is vitally important as we move deeper into "illness season".

Get a flu vaccine!  The best thing that we can do as a community and country to help manage the COVID-19 Pandemic is to manage seasonal illness as well as we can.  Flu vaccines are far from perfect, but they are the best way to avoid being hospitalized or having a secondary complication from influenza.  Flu vaccines are recommended for all persons age 6 months and older.  At ESD, we are doing curbside and in-office vaccines at the Milford Location and in-office, socially distanced vaccines at the Hyde Park Location. Families can choose either option and be vaccinated at either location.

Telemedicine at ESD:  ESD has made a very conservative decision to protect our staff and patients from COVID-19.  In order to keep the transmission risk of ill patients at a minimum in our physical offices, we continue to "screen and treat" all acute visits with initial telemedicine.  We have learned in the past 6 months that many common pediatric concerns can be safely and accurately managed with telemedicine.  This does NOT mean that we are not seeing ill patients in the office.  If during a telemedicine visit it is determined that an in-office visit is appropriate, it will be scheduled and families will NOT be billed for 2 appointments.  The combination of a telemedicine visit with drive through testing at our Milford Location has been very well received and has shown to be safe, efficient and accurate for most visits.  We are doing strep, covid and flu (among others) testing as drive-through with covid results available the next day.

If you feel that your child may be experiencing symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please call the office to set up a telemedicine visit with one of our providers to discuss and determine next steps.  Our RN nurse triage is also available to help you in assessing your child's symptoms and need for additional workup or quarantine.

Please reach out via phone or patient portal if we can provide you guidance in this challenging time.  We are in close contact with local health departments, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the CDC regarding the most updated recommendations.

September 14, 2020 UPDATE

With many schools and activities resuming this fall, there has been an increase in illness in the community.  This does include some COVID-19 cases.  Here are a few updates that may be helpful.


The ESD Pediatric Group takes the safety and health of our patients, families and staff very seriously.  We are making adjustments to our operations to ensure the safety of both well child/infant and acute visits.  The office has been very successful in keeping down exposures by using "well only" facilities for well patients.  Currently, the Hyde Park office remains "well only" as does the first floor of the Milford office.  No ill patients have been seen in these locations since early March 2020.  Wating rooms are still closed.  Entrance to the office is intiated via text message to 513-248-1210.

We are doing curbside flu vaccines at the Milford location and back office flu vaccines at the Hyde Park location.  Call the office to schedule and get more details.

We continue drive through testing at the Milford location.  These tests are combined with telemedicine visits and serve as an adjunct to that evaluation.  We do currently have the ability to do COVID testing with a typical <24 hour turn around time.

The upstairs exam rooms at the Milford location are being used for ill patients that require in office evaluation.  In order to keep staff and families safe, the ESD Pediatric Group has adopted a very aggressive, "evaluate with telemedicine first" policy.  This does NOT mean that we will not see your sick child if they need to be seen in person.  It DOES mean that we are going to decrease risk of illness transmission when possible.  Since March, the ESD Pediatric Group has done over 4,500 telemedicine visits and the overall feedback from our families has been overwhelmingly positive.  It has been a real eye opener as to how many positive and appropriate medical decisions can truly be made with telemedicine.  If after doing a telemedicine visit, it is determined that an in office evaluation makes sense, it can be scheduled and there will not be a charge for both visits, only one.  By being aggressive with this policy, we intend to be available for our patients as we move into the heavy illness season.  Please allow us to serve you as safely as we can by starting your child's acute evaluation via telemedicine.

PROTOCOL for ill children and exposures:

The above graph depicts the recommended protocols for illness and exposures updated by Cincinnati Children's.  If you are concerned about your child's exposure or symptoms, please contact the office for additional instructions and options for evaluation and testing.



March 13, 2020

Here at ESD Pediatric Group we take the health and well-being of our patients and staff very seriously.  As medical professionals we are in contact with the Ohio Department of Health, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics.

Our physicians have met and have formulated contingency plans to do our best to help our patients.  These plans are fluid and in alignment with health department recommendations.  They are being updated on a daily (sometimes multiple times a day) basis.

As health care professionals our goal is to treat and prevent adverse outcomes whenever possible.  During this unprecedented time, sometimes close observation and management of minor illness at home may be a better option than coming into the office for evaluation.  With that said, if your child is in severe distress or pain, it would be appropriate to be seen in the office.  If managing at home and the conditions worsen, contact the office to schedule an appointment.

For now, COVID-19 appears to cause pneumonia (lower respiratory illness). Symptoms would be expected to include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. It is not clear whether COVID-19 causes other clinical symptoms.

If there is any good news, most children with the coronavirus have mild cold-like symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, and cough, according to the CDC. Gastrointestinal issues, like vomiting and diarrhea, may also occur. Some children have no symptoms whatsoever.

The coronavirus complications appear to be uncommon for those under 18 years old—even in small infants. In fact, the WHO-China Joint Mission report states that only 2.5 percent of children diagnosed with the coronavirus had “severe” symptoms, and 0.2 percent were considered "critical." The recorded complications include acute respiratory distress syndrome and septic shock, according to the CDC.

As with all communicable diseases, the following measures can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds or more with soapy water several times a day. If soap and water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home while you are sick (except to visit a health care professional) and avoid close contact with others.
  • Cover your mouth/nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces each day. Use a household cleaner according to label instructions.
  • Avoid large gatherings.
  • Use online transactions when possible.
  • Avoid visiting nursing homes -- especially if you are sick
  • If you have an older person in your home or someone with compromised health, such as asthma, understand that the biggest threat to them may be you bringing the virus into the home.
  • If you or a loved one is older, think twice about an upcoming trip.

We are closely monitoring the situation and updates will be posted as the situation evolves.

March 14, 2020 UPDATE

We are currently recommending that all well visits be done as scheduled.  Ill visits are at the discretion of the parent as to if evaluation is necessary.  For minor illnesses, we are recommending that patients be managed at home or that they be evaluated by a telemedicine appointment (see below) to decrease the patient's risk in coming to the office as well as office staff exposure to patients who may have or have been exposed to COVID-19.

To help facilitate a safe environment in the office, we have removed all toys from the waiting rooms and exam rooms.  In both offices, specific exam rooms have been designated as either "well" or "ill" exam rooms.  While all exam rooms are cleaned per ESD strict protocol, additional measures have been added to sanitize "ill" rooms between visits to keep our patients safe.  Children will no longer be able to reach into the "treasure box", grab a sticker or a sucker.  These are to be pointed to and can be handed to patient.  Additional measures are currently under consideration and may be added as risk indicates.  It is recommended that, if possible, only patient to be seen and one parent/guardian attend all visits.

TeleMedicine is here!  Starting Monday, March 16th, ESD will offer telemedicine visits to our patients who would like to be evaluated by a physician but feel that not coming into the office is best.  A telemedicine visit is exactly what it sounds like. It is a visit with a physician using your smart phone or computer to do a HIPPA compliant (appropriate privacy) "facetime" visit.  These visits are scheduled as regular appointments and will be billed appointments.  While there are many advantages to a visit like this (convenience, decreased risk of exposure of patient in office and decreased risk of physician exposure to patient), there are also inherent disadvantages.  One cannot listen to a child's chest or look in a child's ears via a smartphone or computer.  Some physical evaluation can be done through video but it is limited.    Based on the visit, evaluation decisions can be made. Medications can be prescribed.  Documentation within your child's chart is done...  to name a few advantages.  If it is determined that an office visit is necessary, you will not be billed for the telemedicine visit.

Social Distancing/Flattening of the curve:  This is a thing.  It is important.  While at this point in the pandemic, a complete lockdown is not necessary, do your best to minimize interaction with others.  This limits the rate at which the disease spreads which will allow our current healthcare system to have the capacity to deal with ill patients when they arrive.  As evidenced by China and Italy, recent history tells us that things are fine...  until they are not.   This happens quickly.  Currently, the whole country of ITALY is locked down.  Limiting large gatherings, strict hand washing/sanitizing, not touching your face, keeping 6 feet away from others, avoiding travel unless necessary, etc.  Decreasing all of these close human interactions decreases the ability for the virus to spread from person to person.  We know that COVID-19 is MORE contagious than seasonal flu, meaning it seems to spread easier.  Close contact can cause someone to contract COVID-19, even before the contagious person is symptomatic.  The virus is transmitted by respiratory droplets (coughing or sneezing) and can live on surfaces for a period of time.  Read this article:  for a quick run down of the concept of "Flatten the curve".  While most young adults and children are at relatively low risk, those with underlying conditions and seniors are at significant risk.  PLEASE.  Do your part!

Testing:  Routine testing is not yet available but will be coming at some point.  Currently, it is recommended that patients with known exposures to a test positive individual or have a concerning travel history should be tested.  Likely, in coming days and weeks this will expand.  Currently our office (all private practices) and Cincinnati Children's DO NOT have the ability to run a test for COVID-19.

Here is a useful, basic video about coronavirus...  worth the few minutes to watch

March 15, 2020 UPDATE

The Governor has now closed all restaurants and bars other than carryout.  This is important because many in our state and country have not heeded the social distancing recommendations to "flatten the curve".  These recommendations are important.  The State of Ohio is out in front of many other states in managing public health at this time and we should all be grateful for that.  The state of Ohio also has a COVID-19 Call Center @ 833-427-5634.  We will be available during business hours to do our best to answer specific questions about your child.  A physician/NP will be on call as usual outside of business hours.  As per usual, the after hours calls should be kept to true EMERGENCIES.  It is not designed for "regular non-urgent questions".  Please don't overuse these resources even in a time like this as it will hinder the response time necessary for the true emergencies and will fatigue the system. Remember that nursing staff on the phones will do their best to help with specific situations while general information can be learned here and from other online resources.  If you would like to have a more detailed discussion with one of our physicians, please schedule a telemedicine appointment.

Specific interventions being activated at ESD starting tomorrow, Monday, March 16, 2020:  Continuing designation of ill and well rooms.  Enhanced cleaning of rooms.  Additional PPE (Person Protective Equipment) will be used by ESD staff.  Waiting rooms WILL BE CLOSED.  When arriving for an appointment at either office, text the name of your child and to which office location you have arrived  (Milford or Hyde Park) to 513-248-1210.  The front desk staff will check you in and you are requested to remain in your car until you are texted back to come in to the waiting room. These interventions, and additional interventions to be made as necessary, will help to keep all of our patients safe in these extraordinary times.  Consider telemedicine as an option for evaluation.  We will be ramping up telemedicine availability based on demand and it is a good option if you would like to have a more detailed discussion about the current state of illness along with direct evaluation of your child.

Stay safe.  Follow the recommendations of public health officials.  Reach out to ESD if you need our help.  Additional updates will be posted here as new information or office policy changes is/are available.

March 16, 2020 UPDATE

Waiting rooms are currently closed for your safety.  Text check in at both office is up and running.  We are working through some glitches in the system so please be patient with us.  When arriving at either office, text your child's name and office location to 513-248-1210.  You should get an acknowledgement text back.  It may take a second.  When your exam room is ready, you will be texted to come to the entrance and will be met by a nurse who will walk you back to your room.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue to evolve with the ever changing landscape of the current pandemic.

Telemedicine is now available.  Telemedicine appointments can be scheduled by calling our office.  This allows HIPPA compliant "facetime" visits.  While there are limitations to these visits, they may be a good choice if you would like to avoid coming into the office or you find it more convenient.

March 18, 2020 UPDATE

No additional updates regarding current COVID-19 recommendations.   Testing is still not widely available here in Cincinnati for children and in most cases isn't necessary.  Both ESD offices are still seeing both ill and well visits with appropriate precautions to keep our patients safe.  It is very important that, especially young infants and babies (up to 2 years old), continue with well care and vaccinations per recommended schedules.  We are encouraging ill patients to use our new telemedicine services if possible as it can decrease risk to both patients, families and our providers.  Much of what needs to be done with children can be handled in a live telemedicine visit.  At a minimum, patients can be evaluated to determine if additional evaluation or testing may be necessary.  We will continue to ramp up availability on this option as demand dictates.  We intend to continue to provide appropriate services through this unprecedented time.  Thank you to our families and staff for being flexible as we continue to adjust to the ever changing landscape.

March 19, 2020 UPDATE

Testing for COVID-19 is still not available for most kids in Cincinnati and isn't necessary unless a child is ill appearing.

NEW!  ESD will start performing in car "drive by" testing for influenza and strep to compliment a telemedicine visit.  This will be done at the Milford office location only.  Either before, if requested, or at the recommendation of the physician, testing for either influenza or strep can be done in the comfort of your car to complement that telemedicine evaluation.  We will NOT be doing testing only.  The testing must be done in conjunction with a telemedicine visit.

The procedure for this testing is as follows:  Once the telemedicine visit is scheduled, either before the visit or once the visit is completed, parent/guardian will drive to the ESD Milford Location.  They will drive around the RIGHT side of the building to the back where once at the back of the building, family can either press button by the back glass door to alert the front desk that they have arrived or they can text 513-248-1210 a message with the patient's name and that they have arrived at the back of the Milford location for testing.  A nurse will be alerted to come to your car and perform the desired testing.  If testing cannot be completed in the car, a patient can come in the back door of the office to an exam room to have testing performed more traditionally.

As we all continue into the prolonged isolation of staying home and social distancing, the stress will build for both parents and kids.  This is a link to a good article about talking to your kids about COVID-19:  At ESD we want to support our families mental health through this time as well.  We have expanded our behavioral health services to telemedicine.  Our ESD Behavioral Health specialist, Gretchen Dorman is available to help families and patients through this stressful time. Please call our office to schedule a telemedicine visit with her to help with the emotional distress caused by the pandemic.

March 20, 2020 UPDATE

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 ESD Pediatric Group will be making some significant changes to office operations to keep our patients,  families and staff safe during the current pandemic.

We will be going to a 2 office system in which one office (Hyde Park) will become a "well only" office and one office (Milford) will become an "ill only" office.  This is being done to preserve limited PPE (personal protective equipment), and minimize risk to staff and to families.

As supported by AAP and CDC recommendations, it is still vitally important that even in these unprecedented times, well care and routine childhood vaccinations should continue.  It is safest that when providing well care, patients are protected as much as possible from ill exposure.  The Hyde Park Office will function as "well only".  Ill patients will not be allowed to enter this location.  As we have been doing for the past week, the waiting room will remain "closed".  Patients on arrival will text 513-248-1210.  They will be texted when an exam room is available.  The family will then be met at the office front door by a nurse.  Patient and parent/caregiver will have their temperature taken.  Anyone with a temperature of >100.5 will not be permitted to enter the office.  All staff at both locations are also having temperatures taken daily as per the Ohio Governor/Ohio Department of Health recommendation.  Care will be given to practice social/physical distancing when possible.  Obviously this cannot be done during vitals and performing a physical exam.  Strict handwashing and limited contact will be also be observed.

As the schedule changes quickly, unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee provider requests during this time.  Please, if possible only have 1 parent/guardian and the patient to be seen present at a visit.

We are continuing to ramp up telemedicine as it has been going well so far and it is the best and safest way to evaluate patients and limit exposure to both patient, family and staff.  Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, no "in office" ill evaluations will be scheduled without a telemedicine visit first.  If it is determined that in office evaluation is necessary,  a patient will not be charged for both visits. These visits can be scheduled by calling the office and act as virtual office visits.  Routine testing (strep tests, flu tests, mono tests, urine tests, etc.) are currently being done for patients without leaving their car at the Milford location.  This testing can only be ordered in conjunction with a telemedicine visit.  Testing can be done before or after the virtual visit and will be included in that evaluation.  When arriving at the Milford location, drive around the RIGHT side of the building and stop in the back at the "stop sign".  Text the front desk at 513-248-1210 that you have arrived for testing and a nurse will come to your car to perform the testing.  You can then drive away and will be contacted with results.

The patient portal is still available for simple questions.  More detailed concerns should be addressed at telemedicine visits.

The office will continue to adapt the rapidly changing recommendations as new information becomes available.

Stay safe!  Stay home!

March 21, 2020 UPDATE

Well visits!  Now is actually a good time (and a good field trip to get out of the house) to do well checks.  Well visits are an important part of keeping your child healthy.  It is especially important for the young (<2 years old) so they can keep up on their vaccination schedule and monitor growth and development.  ESD is committed to continuing to provide this service and meet the needs of our families.  It is important to do this as safely as possible.  We are in the process of moving all "well visits" to the Hyde Park location.  If you regularly go to the Milford location, all of your information and many of the same staff (nurses and providers) are available at the Hyde Park location.  The Hyde Park office is easily accessible and about a 15-20 minute drive from our Milford location.  It is located at the Smith/Edwards exit off of I-71 in the Cornerstone Office tower (4000 Smith Road, Suite 175).  As has been recent policy at Milford, the waiting room will remain closed to reduce contact with other clients.  Upon arrival, text 513-248-1210.  You will be texted back when your exam room is available and a nurse will meet you at the entrance.  The entrance is locked for your safety.  This location will not see any ill patients going forward until the pandemic has passed.  Keeping all ill patients and parents completely away from this facility and combining that with enhanced cleaning protocols should make this a safe and low anxiety experience.

Stay safe!  Stay home!  This cannot be repeated enough.  Only essential trips out of the home (grocery, pharmacy, doctor's office, etc.) are recommended.  We do not recommend travel at this time unless absolutely necessary. There are hot spots around the country that are known and some that are yet to be known.  Travel may put you unknowingly at additional risk. This risk is to you as well as the ones who you may visit upon your return.

Do your part.  #flattenthecurve

It is hard sometimes to differentiate the flu vs. a cold vs. COVID-19.  Here is a table that might be helpful.

Infografik Symptoms of COVID-19, cold, influenza EN

March 22, 2020 UPDATE

As the first day of our split office strategy comes to a close, we would like to thank our staff, patients and families for their understanding and flexibility. THANK YOU! Things have gone well with having our Hyde Park location "all well", and all ill visits and med rechecks to be done via telemedicine.  We appreciate our families flexibility as we continue to expand our telemedicine strategy.  We are pushing toward primarily telemedicine for all ill visits.  Necessary testing can be done via drive through at the Milford location.  Telemedicine is the strong recommendation of Ohio's governor and ODH leader, Dr. Amy Acton.  Our phone staff is diligently working to adjust schedules to keep all patients safe and will be calling to reschedule/relocate appointments.  This strategy will be in place for the next 2 weeks and will roll forward week by week as necessary.

While the "Stay at Home" order is in place in Ohio, PLEASE follow it.  Leaving the house to go to the grocery, the doctor's office or other very necessary reasons is all that is recommended.  You should NOT be doing play dates, visiting friends, etc.  This is what increases the risk of spread and will prolong and exacerbate the pandemic.  Do your part to keep everyone safe.  Additional information about Ohio's response to COVID-19 and the Stay at Home order can be found at

March 25, 2020 UPDATE

The "well office" in Hyde Park is up and running well.  We are doing all well visits as scheduled.  If your child is due for a well visit, we are recommending that you proceed with doing those visits as likely there will be a backlog in the well visit schedule for older children once COVID-19 clears.  We have very stringent processes in place to keep you safe when doing these visits.  Remember that, especially for young infants, it is important to keep them on their vaccine schedule.

Vaccinating during the pandemic:  click below

Drive through testing is also functioning well.  All testing must be in conjunction with a telemedicine visit.  Please call to schedule that appointment if you are concerned about fever. strep, influenza, etc.

For drive through testing, drive around the right side of the building and follow the signs around to the back.  Stop at the "stop sign" and text 513-248-1210 to let them know that you have arrived for testing.  A nurse will be notified to come to your vehicle.  Stay in your vehicle.  If no one comes out in a reasonable time frame, you can retext.


March 28, 2020 UPDATE

Well checks continue!  Please call to schedule if your child is due for routine well care.  Things have been going well with our split office plan as we close out the first week of this new strategy.  Our "clean" office has been well received and we are encouraging all patients who are due for well checks to go ahead and come in.

Because of the strategy, which includes: closed waiting room (text to come in), no ill children or parents allowed at this location, temperatures being taken at the front door for all patients and families, additional cleaning of exam rooms even with only well patients, enhanced cleaning of medical equipment between patients, staff wearing surgical masks to "protect families from us", keeping physical contact with patients to an absolute minimum(physical exam and gathering vitals, strict handwashing protocols, all staff being monitored and having temperatures taken daily, patients and families are not allowed to linger in the halls, all exam room doors kept closed, only one parent/caregiver per patient, social distancing when possible between staff and families...   among other interventions.

Please call the office to schedule your child's well visit or request via the patient portal at your convenience.

March 31, 2020 UPDATE

Social distancing is working! We (Ohio) are flattening our curve.  Keep up the good work.  Stay home. Wash your hands.  Don't have meet ups at the park.  Don't have playdates.  Spend time with your family.  Make good choices.



Looking for things to do with your kids?  CLICK HERE

April 3, 2020 UPDATE

With the extension of the Ohio Stay at Home order through May 1, the ESD Pediatric Group will continue to provide essential pediatric medical services in the same fashion as it is currently providing until that time (and possibly longer).

We will continue to have our Hyde Park office remain as a well only office.  We have added additional safeguards to keep this location clean and safe including additional screening upon arrival.  Children and parents who do not pass the screening questions upon arrival will not be admitted to the office.  If you feel that your child is ill or may have had a recent exposure, please call the office to see if it is likely that we will be able to proceed with your child's well visit.  Final decisions are made on site by a physician or a nurse practitioner.

We will continue to operate the Milford location for ill patients and testing of ill patients including drive by testing for strep, influenza, mono, urine, etc.  Ill patients can be seen at this location, but before an ill appointment can be scheduled in person, a telemedicine appointment must be done first to assess if this is necessary or appropriate.  Before any testing is preformed, a telemedicine appointment must also be scheduled.  We are not doing test only visits.  We are also doing our best to handle most acute visits via telemedicine to decrease risk of exposure to patients, families and staff.

Thank you for working with us on these temporary changes while we all work to be available during these challenging times to help all ESD families safely.

Stay safe.  Stay home.  Be social... from a distance!

April 6, 2020 UPDATE

Regardless of your child’s age, he or she may feel upset or have other strong emotions in response to COVID-19. Some children react right away, while others may show signs of difficulty much later. How a child reacts and the common signs of distress can vary according to the child’s age, previous experiences, and how the child typically copes with stress. This is a link to a helpful article about how to manage worry in relation to COVID-19  Our ESD Behavioral Health Specialist, Gretchen Dorman, is available to help families and patients through this stressful time.  Please call our office to schedule a telemedicine visit with her.

April 8, 2020 UPDATE

Facemasks are currently recommended by the CDC for people who need to leave the home.  They should be worn when leaving the house and in contact with other individuals.  They do not need to be surgical or N95 as those should be reserved for healthcare workers.  Here is a link to the CDC recommendation.  CLICK HERE

The best way to stay safe is to stay at home.  Children should remain at home and should only be around the immediate family that they live with.  While out, 6' distancing should continue to be practiced.

April 16, 2020 UPDATE

There have not been many updates in the last week as things have been relatively status quo.  ESD continues to operate on our adjusted schedule with all acute visits being at least initially, managed by telemedicine.  We are still seeing well checks at the HP office and this is also going well.  Keeping up with well visits is still recommended.

The good news in the United States is that in many places, a peak (hopefully "the" peak) has been reached.  In Ohio, we have done a great job with our mitigation efforts and we have been spared much sadness... for now.  This can change if we let our guard down.

There is talk about some return to normalcy in the midwest, but this is likely to be a "new normalcy" and slow to develop.  ESD is recommending that all CDC and public health guidelines be followed including wearing non-medical masks in public when able.  This is not a substitute for social distancing.  In order to really return to normal, additional testing, therapies and vaccination must occur.  Stay patient.

Continue to look at this site for recommendations.  Stay well.  Stay home.

April 22, 2020 UPDATE


Wearing face masks when outside of the house is currently recommended for all persons over the age of 2.  Remember why we are wearing masks...  Masks ARE helpful to keep persons who may be infected (even if asymptomatic) from spreading to others.  Masks ARE NOT super effective (unless N95 and worn appropriately) as protection for the person wearing them.  With that said, they do provide some protection.  In the spirit of "we are all in this together", when out of the house, it is recommended to cover your face with a non-medical grade mask.  Wearing a mask, any mask, should not be seen as a substitute for social distancing.  Social distancing of >6' when possible is still one of the best ways to slow the spread of COVID-19.  They should be worn to comfortably cover both the nose and the mouth.  Masks are helpful but not magical.  Children under 2 should not wear masks unless they are in a high risk situation and being constantly supervised.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

April 27, 2020 UPDATE

Below are a few graphics/link submitted for sharing here by our behavioral specialist, Gretchen Dorman.  Remember, Gretchen is available to meet in person or electronically with patients and/or parents who are struggling during these unprecedented times.  Current patients and families can schedule a visit by calling either main office number or requesting via the patient portal.


Rock and Play-doh lesson

May 6, 2020 UPDATE

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  All parents and patients (over the age of 2) are expected to wear a mask face covering while at the office.  Remember that masks are most effective to everyone when everyone wears one.  All of our staff are wearing masks while at the office and interacting with patients.  If children are uncooperative with wearing a mask, it can be removed.  ALL parents/caregivers must wear a mask.

Wearing of face coverings in public is a courtesy to others and currently recommended by the CDC as well as our office.  Even if you feel healthy and are low risk for COVID-19, wearing a mask will help to decrease transmission of the virus even if you are unaware that you have it.  Be courteous.  Wear a mask when in public.

Continue to practice social distancing.  Playdates and gathering with others in a proximity of less than 6' is still not recommended.  Limit trips from the home to those necessary.

Milford Office Opening for Well Checks soon!

Starting May 18th, the Milford location will re-open it's first floor as an additional WELL ONLY location.  The Hyde Park office will continue, as it has, as a well only location at this time.  Milford will be added to increase capacity and convenience for our primary Milford patients.  All acute visits will continue to be handled via telemedicine with associated testing as needed at the Milford location.  If the physician, during a telemedicine visit, determines that an in person evaluation is appropriate, this can be done UPSTAIRs at Milford.

Waiting rooms will remain closed.  Arriving at the office and sending a text to let office know that you have arrived will continue.

Because of the ever changing nature of the pandemic, up until this time, we have been unable to accommodate provider requests.  Starting May the 18th with the new schedule featuring both office locations, provider requests can begin to be accommodated when possible.  The office appreciates everyone's flexibility  with the procedures that have been put in place.

May 19, 2020 UPDATE

The MILFORD OFFICE IS NOW OPEN FOR WELL CHECKS.  The Milford office reopened for well visits yesterday May 18.  The same procedures that have been in place at the Hyde Park office throughout the pandemic are also in place at Milford (temperature screenings, masks, waiting rooms closed, social distancing, enhanced sanitation, etc.)

All acute visits are still being directed to telemedicine for screening.  If it is determined that an in office visit is absolutely necessary for an injured or ill child, this can be handled upstairs at the Milford office to maintain our high level of safety for well checks.

As a reminder, it is our strong recommendation as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics to continue well child and well baby care during the pandemic.  It is vitally important for those who need vaccinations to not fall behind and risk exacerbating the pandemic with an outbreak of vaccine preventable disease.

Please call the office to schedule your child's well visit or request an appointment through the patient portal.


June 16, 2020 UPDATE

ESD operations continue to be steady and stable.  We are providing a full array of well and acute services as well as emergency consultation 24/7 as required.  As stated above, both offices remain open for well checks.  The entire Hyde Park office and the first floor of the Milford location remain WELL ONLY areas and strict protocols continue to be followed.  We are taking every step possible to make well child care safe as it is vital.  Provider requests are now available.  Call to schedule your child's well check today as schedules are filling for the busy summer well check season.

All acute visits are still being screened with telemedicine by a physician.  If an appropriate disposition cannot be made during the telemedicine visit, an in office appointment can be then scheduled.  Patients will only be billed for one visit.

Drive through testing at the Milford location continues.  These tests must be ordered by a physician and in conjunction with a telemedicine visit.  Please do not try to drive through and request testing prior to it being ordered.  Testing available includes, flu tests, strep tests, mono tests, COVID19 nasal swabs, among others.  There are certain criteria that is currently being followed for testing and this can be discussed with a physician during a telemedicine visit.  Antibody testing is not yet available at ESD but can be ordered through Cincinnati Children's under appropriate circumstances.  The reliability and clinical significance of the antibody testing is still not at the highest level but it may be appropriate in some circumstances.

WEAR A MASK!  Remember, that wearing a mask is the best thing that a person can do to slow the spread and keep COVID19 at bay.  Masks are more protective to others than they are of the person who wears one.  Please be courteous and wear a mask when in public areas, especially when 6' spacing is not possible or challenging.  Masks are recommended for all children age 2 and over.  Cloth masks are adequate and now readily available from many vendors.  The best chance of truly returning to normal is continued social distancing and wearing masks when possible.  As the country reopens, consider your own risk tolerance when deciding what is safe to do for your family.  All ESD providers are happy to discuss specific situations and concerns via telemedicine.  Masks must be worn at ESD visits for the safety of all.  If you attend a visit at the office without a mask, one can be provided to you (as long as supplies are available).  Please bring your own if at all possible.

As the country reopens, continue to be cautious and avoid risk when possible.  At this time, most COVID19 transmission occurs from close contact with an infected person who may or may not display symptoms.  Pre-symptomatic spread continues to be the biggest wild card in the COVID19 pandemic.  Just because someone doesn't have symptoms, it doesn't mean that they may not be infected and contagious.    The good news continues to be that children and younger adults continue to fair well for the most part when infected but even healthy young people can experience a bad outcome when infected with COVID19.  Surface spread of the virus, while possible, does not appear to be a common mechanism.  While handwashing and avoiding touching the face are still important, the CDC has stated that surface spread is much less likely than person to person spread.  Do your best to keep numbers stable and avoid a surge by making good decisions and thinking about actions and choices.  The pandemic is not over and we are at risk of significant disease burden if we do not take safety serious.  Stay strong.   Be smart.  Your choices affect others.  We are all in this together.

July 20, 2020 UPDATE

Returning to school in the age of COVID-19

The most common conversation in the office and on the phones currently is returning to school.  What is ESD’s stance on returning to school?  How are parents supposed to decide if in school or remote learning is best?  These are very tough questions.

Simply put, there is no wrong answer here.  There are many factors that impact the right answer for individual families.  The factors include age of the child, socioeconomic factors, individual student learning styles, additional services that are provided by the school that cannot be done remotely (from meals to special therapies or additional intervention), family’s beliefs about COVID and the severity of risk including individual risk tolerance, who lives at home, what are student’s exposure to higher risk family members, family’s ability to react were a student to get sick or test positive… to name a few.

Every school district is responding somewhat differently based on the communities’ wishes and resources.  Some communities are offering both in person learning as well as a virtual option.  Some communities are doing a hybrid model.  Even additional blended options are available through some private and parochial schools.

Questions that we recommend families ask themselves and the school being considered include:

  1. What precautions are being taken by the school and how will those precautions be enforced?
  2. Are face masks recommended or required?
  3. What are the social distancing rules?
  4. What is the school policy regarding what happens when a student tests positive for COVID-19?
  5. What triggers a “shutdown” of in person learning?
  6. How would a shut down affect the student if they started in person then classes were cancelled?
  7. Can your student be self motivated enough to handle remote learning?
  8. What are the social consequences of remote learning and how can they be mitigated?
  9. Do any “at risk” individuals live in the student’s home?
  10. Does the student have any special needs? How would they be handled in person vs. virtual?
  11. Does the student have any additional health concerns that makes them higher risk?

This list isn’t intended to be complete as many factors go into the decision as to what is right for each individual family.  ESD is happy to discuss individual circumstances with families if they need more direct counsel.  Please reach out to schedule a telemedicine visit or feel free to call the office with questions or use the patient portal.

Factors within the schools and the community are rapidly changing and this affects decisions.  There are no easy answers here.  The right answer for different families likely will be different.  Please be respectful of others’ decisions.

Stay safe.  Make good choices.  Social distance when possible.  Wear a mask in public (over the age of 2).