Group Practice Philosophy

For over 70 years, group practice has been the standard at Englender, Sper & Drasnin, MD's, Inc. The ESD Pediatric Group embraces the Group Practice Philosophy for a multitude of reasons. We certainly do honor requests as parents should be able to see the provider of their choice. As a group, we strive to provide consistent care for families irrespective of that choice. While many offices require parents to choose a primary provider, we don't. We feel that we can provide the personalized attention needed with additional advantages. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Ease of scheduling With group scheduling, it is much easier to get the date and time that is convenient for you.
  • Timely appointments It is much easier to stay "on schedule" as a group than as an individual.
  • "Know" your group In a group practice, "on-call" duties are shared. The more providers that you know, the more likely you will have comfort in talking to the provider on call after hours should you have an emergency.  You will also be more comfortable with a different provider if your "favorite provider" happens to be off the day that your child is ill.
  • Extra eyes It is human nature to "practice medicine" somewhat differently. All providers "look" at patients differently. While all of our providers are well trained, seeing different providers can help us not to "miss" something.
  • Best of all providers By seeing different providers, you are able to get different ideas and strategies that allow you to choose what suits your family and parenting style best.
  • Never a rush Because our providers don't have a set time with each patient, they can spend the time needed. Have a lot of questions? Your child has a more complicated problem? No problem. We'll take the time necessary.
  • Scheduling Flexibility  As long as your preferred provider is in the office, you likely can get in to see them.  Since each provider doesn't have an individual schedule, it can't be "full".

Use our system to your advantage.  The system allows you increased continuity if you so choose.  We feel continuity and variety can coexist.