Office Guidelines – Update

ESD “New Normal” Office Guidelines – Update

The “New Normal” Office Guidelines are being updated for the health and safety of our patients, parents and medical team.  To minimize the potential risk exposure for our patients, families and staff, face coverings are required during all in office visits.  All parents are required to wear a mask, and children over 2 years of age will be strongly encouraged/not required to wear a mask. Face coverings are especially important in office as many of our patients are currently not eligible to receive the COVID vaccine.

Waiting rooms at both offices remain closed.  Upon arrival at the appointment time, please text your child’s name and either Milford or HP. You will receive a text when a room is ready for the appointment.

Patients over two years of age should be accompanied by only one parent or guardian.  To minimize the potential risk exposure, if possible, it is recommended to leave siblings at home.

For those families who prefer to be evaluated from the comfort of your home or other remote location, Telemedicine appointments are available upon request

These guidelines have been implemented to minimize the risk of exposure to your child, family and our staff. We are striving to provide the best possible medical care in a clean and safe environment. Your compliance with these guidelines is appreciated.


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