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4 Questions to Ask a Pediatrician in Cincinnati OH

4 Questions to Ask a Pediatrician in Cincinnati OH

Finding the best pediatrician for your child is an important choice, and at ESD Pediatric Group, we are here to help you. Asking questions can make you more comfortable with the doctor you’ve chosen and help you make sure your child receives the best care possible. At ESD Pediatric Group, Jeff Drasnin, MD, and Jeff P. Heaton, MD, are board-certified pediatricians who are always ready to serve little patients. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Milford and Hyde Park/Norwood OH.

4 Questions to Ask a Pediatrician Near Me in Cincinnati OH
4 Questions to Ask a Pediatrician Near Me in Cincinnati OH

Table of Contents:

What questions should I ask the pediatrician for a prenatal visit?
How are acute illnesses and emergencies handled at ESD Pediatrics?
How often will the baby be scheduled to receive vaccines?
How long does a typical check-up last?

When it comes to being a parent, the physical and emotional welfare of your child falls to you. Your little one depends on you to guide their healthcare journey, which includes everything from feeding them to helping them recover from colds and illnesses to taking them to the doctor for their annual visits and immunizations.

At ESD Pediatric Group, our pediatric specialists can help you navigate the choices that will lead to your child’s continued health and development. We provide you and your child with the highest level of knowledge, resources, and care so that you can feel confident moving forward. If you’d like to find out more about our pediatric services, or have any questions, reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

What questions should I ask the pediatrician for a prenatal visit?

When you find out that you’re pregnant, it’s suggested that you start looking for an experienced and reputable pediatrician as soon as possible. While many people think that pediatricians only look after children once they’re born, this actually isn’t the case. They’re also prenatal specialists who can help you navigate pregnancy in a way that is good for both you and your baby.

During your prenatal visits, it’s important that you feel comfortable enough to ask any questions that you may have. This is especially important if you’re a first-time parent who hasn’t navigated pregnancy before. Possible questions that you may want to ask include:

• Are there any restrictions regarding sex during my pregnancy?
• Are there certain foods I should eat more of?
• Based on my personal and family medical history, do I have a predisposition for developing any complications or conditions?
• Can I exercise while I’m pregnant? If so, what types of exercise and in what amount?
• How much weight should I gain and at what rate?
• If I’m not feeling well between my regularly scheduled appointments, do I contact you or my primary care physician?
• Is it safe for me to travel?
• Is there a prenatal vitamin you recommend?
• What amount of caffeine is safe to consume?
• What foods should I avoid?
• What is the best way to contact you with questions?
o Alternative pain management options
o Delayed cord clamping
o Epidurals
o Episiotomies
o Forceps
o Inductions
o Scheduled c-sections
o Vacuums
• What over-the-counter medications are safe to take while I’m pregnant? And which ones should I avoid?
• What screenings and tests will I need throughout my pregnancy?
• What symptoms should I expect, and how can I manage them?
• What symptoms should I call you about immediately?

It’s completely normal for other questions to pop up throughout the duration of your pregnancy, and a good pediatrician will be more than happy to answer them when they arise.

How are acute illnesses and emergencies handled at ESD Pediatrics?

At ESD Pediatrics, we always work with your child’s comfort, care, and overall health at the forefront. When an acute illness or emergency arises, we offer the same-day sick visits to assess the nature and severity of the problem so that you’re never left waiting for answers.

Our team is specially trained to work with children, understanding that they require a very specific form of care and communication that is tailored to their development and emotional state. In addition, our pediatric doctors and specialists are also trained in operating child-specific equipment and technology to help you get the answers you’re looking for quickly and accurately.

Our pediatricians are knowledgeable and experienced in handling a wide array of health conditions, including: 

• Colds and fevers.
• Developmental disorders.
• Emotional disorders.
• Learning disorders.
• Localized pain.
• Nutritional deficiencies.
• Physical disorders.
• Physical injuries (such as sprains, dislocations, fractures, and broken bones).
• Social development disorders.
• Weight issues.

We understand just how important the health and well-being of your little one are, which is why you can expect a high level of communication at every step of assessment and treatment.

How often will the baby be scheduled to receive vaccines?

Children receive most of their immunizations between birth and 6 years of age, the outline of which will be given to you by your pediatrician. However, you can expect your child to receive vaccinations around the following age markers:

• Between birth and 2 months
• 4 months
• 6 months
• Between 12 months – 18 months
• Between 4 – 6 years old

Vaccines are comprised of weakened or dead diseases that the immune system can fight off easily. By introducing these weakened versions of the disease into the body, the immune system can better fight off similar bacteria in the future.

How long does a typical check-up last?

Regularly scheduled pediatric checkups, also known as well-child visits, are an important part of safeguarding your child’s health.

During these visits, the pediatrician will examine your child, ask you relevant questions about their development and behavior, and may also administer immunizations. It is also your opportunity to express any concerns you may have about your child’s health. On average, you can expect these visits to take anywhere from 15-60 minutes.

If you’re looking for a high level of prenatal and pediatric care, the medical specialists at ESD Pediatric Group have you covered. We would be happy to provide you with more information about any of our pediatric services or help you get booked in for an appointment at your earliest convenience. We have convenient locations to serve you in Milford and Hyde Park/Norwood OH. We serve patients from Cincinnati OH, Milford OH, Hyde Park OH, Blue Ash OH, Montgomery OH, Loveland OH, Mt. Orab OH, Newtown OH, and Kenwood OH.


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