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Top Pediatricians

Top Pediatricians in Norwood/Hyde Park OH

Patients can find a top pediatrician at the ESD Pediatric Group. Call us or request an appointment online. The Hyde Park Office is currently located at 4000 Smith Road, Suite 175, Cincinnati Ohio 45209.

Top Pediatricians Near Me in Norwood/Hyde Park OH
Top Pediatricians Near Me in Norwood/Hyde Park OH

Table of Contents:

What do pediatricians do?
What’s the difference between pediatric services and a pediatrician?
How often should my child see the pediatrician?
Why are pediatricians important?

What do pediatricians do?

Doctors who specialize in pediatrics treat newborns, children, adolescents, and young adults. It is imperative that your child receives regular care from a pediatrician to maintain good health. From treating illnesses, injuries, and other conditions to conducting regular well-child checkups, pediatricians have a wide range of responsibilities.
In pediatrics, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults are cared for by doctors who specialize in their health. Typically, pediatric care begins at birth and continues until a child reaches 21 years of age. Children’s physical, behavioral, and developmental issues are prevented, detected, and managed by pediatricians. There are some pediatricians who work in general practice. There are others who specialize in treating specific health conditions in children.
There are many responsibilities that pediatricians have. Their responsibilities range from managing chronic medical conditions to performing well-baby checkups. In addition to providing preventive care, pediatricians diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries and infections.

What’s the difference between pediatric services and a pediatrician?

The difference between pediatric services and a pediatrician is that the former is a type of medical service while the latter is a provider. Pediatric services can be provided by pediatricians, family doctors, and others. However, due to their extensive training and specialization, many parents choose a pediatrician to provide pediatric services to their children.
Pediatricians typically treat patients under the age of 18, though some will see patients as old as 21. Depending on their experience, family doctors may see patients of any age or may only see patients over a certain age.
Medical school and residency training are required for both pediatricians and family doctors. In order to become a pediatrician, one must complete a residency in pediatrics. A family doctor completes a residency in family medicine, which also includes training in adult medicine and geriatrics (care for the elderly).
A pediatrician is then licensed to practice medicine by the American Board of Pediatrics. In the same way, family physicians are certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.
In spite of the fact that both types of doctors are fully capable of caring for and treating patients, pediatricians specialize in children and have a deeper understanding of their growth, development, and behavior.

How often should my child see the pediatrician?

Within 48 to 72 hours of leaving the hospital, your baby should see a pediatrician for the first time. The second visit should take place between two and four weeks after the baby is born. A pediatrician should see your child at two, four, six, nine, and 12 months of age during their first year. You should take your baby to the doctor at 15, 18, and 24 months after his or her first birthday. Following that, you should visit your child’s pediatrician annually. A doctor’s appointment can also be made anytime a health concern arises or your child is ill.

Why are pediatricians important?

Pediatricians are experienced in the development of children physically, emotionally, and socially as part of their extensive training. The pediatrician understands the importance of listening carefully to your child, and to you as well. Assisting you in understanding your child’s development, pediatricians answer your questions. A pediatrician can also address family and home issues affecting a child.
You should take your child to a well-child visit regularly for their health and well-being. A pediatrician examines your child’s health from a physical to a mental perspective at these appointments. A developmental checkup ensures that your baby is on track. To ensure that your baby is protected against infections, your pediatrician also recommends vaccines for him or her. Any concerns you may have about your child’s health can be discussed with your child’s pediatrician at well-child visits.
Pediatricians understand that symptoms in children are often different from those in adults. Prescriptions or treatments may be different for children than for adults. These differences are particularly important to pediatricians, especially when caring for young children and newborns.
You can find a pediatrician at ESD Pediatric Group. We are located at 4000 Smith Road, Suite 175, Cincinnati Ohio 45209. Call us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Norwood OH, Milford OH, Hyde Park OH, Blue Ash OH, Fruit Hill OH, Loveland OH, and Newtown OH.


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