With the global pandemic it is more important than ever to protect your child (ren) from seasonal influenza.  This year we are faced with the challenge of providing immunizations in an environment which is safe and healthy for your family and our staff.

To save time and improve efficiency, please complete the pre-visit check in from your smart phone or computer.

At the Milford office, we will be offering flu immunizations CURBSIDE or in an exam room.  For social distancing reasons, we recommend giving CURBSIDE immunizations a try.  When scheduling your child’s appointment, you will have the option to select CURBSIDE or EXAM ROOM.

Families who have selected CURBSIDE will arrive for their scheduled appointment and pull into one of 4 designated CURBSIDE parking spaces.

To facilitate administration of the immunization in the comfort of your car, we ask that all family members 3 years of age and older wear face coverings.  For patients 3 and under, we ask that a leg near the car door be exposed for the injection site. Patients 4 years of age and older should have an arm exposed for the injection.

Upon arrival, follow the instructions on the sign by texting your family’s last name and parking space number.  One of our trained medical professionals will arrive at your vehicle, verify identity, take temperatures and administer the scheduled immunization.

If the patient has driven themselves to the immunization appointment, we will ask that they pull into another parking space and wait 15 minutes before leaving the office.

At the Smith Road office, we direct flu immunization patients to our back office entrance where they will wait at socially distanced intervals.  As soon as an exam room is ready, one of our medical professionals will come into the hallway, verify identity and take the scheduled patient(s) into an exam room, take temperatures and administer the scheduled immunization.

Patients who require a second flu immunization will be asked to call the office to schedule.

During this unprecedented global pandemic, we have made these changes with the goal of delivering flu immunizations in a safe and healthy environment.  At ESD Pediatric Group we strive to KEEP KIDS HEALTHY! Don’t Delay schedule your flu immunization TODAY (513) 248-1210.